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WiFi KRACKED - What does it mean for users of WPA2 wifi security?

There's a lot of noise on the Internet today. 

WPA2 encryption - the encryption that secures most of our WiFi connections - has been broken

This is a BIG   deal. 

Just about every wifi device in use today is using some form of WPA.  The older WEP was cracked many many years ago so we won't go there.  WPA2 is the current standard for securing your wifi and now it's cracked too.  So esentially this affects almost every wifi device on the planet?  Well, kinda yes.
The way this attack works (as I understand it right now and highly simplified!) is that an attacker can 'talk' to a client on wifi (your laptop or phone for example) and eavesdrop on it's communication with a valid wifi network.  The attacker keeps asking the client for some info.  Due to a design flaw, this forces the client to repeat certain data pertaining to the encryption over and over again making it possible for the attacker to 'guess' the security key of your valid wifi connection and then eavesdrop on the whole wifi network.  In some cases they may even be able to insert data and traffic TO the network.
Since this is a flaw in the design of wpa2 this is not restricted to one vendor or another.  This affects every wpa2 client out there no matter who made it.

OK.  now what? 

Electric Mirror - Welcome to the Family

Electric-Mirror.Loft-Mirror-TV Electric-Mirror.Fusion-Lighted-Mirror-TV Electric-Mirror.Trinity-Lighted
Today, we welcome the addition of Electric Mirror into the family of FHS' vendors and partners.
As we continue to seek and acquire access to the worlds top qualities of products and solutions for our clientelle, today we are pleased and honored to bring you Electric Mirror.  
As with many of the worlds upper tier products, some of you may not be familiar with or even be aware of who Electric Mirror is.  
EM (Electrc Mirror) is the worlds leader in lighted mirrors, fog-free mirrors, in-mirror TVs, wet area (eg. in-shower) TVs and all manner of custom mirror/TV/lighting applications.
This WA state based company proudly manufactures their products right here in the USA and is the primary and dominating player in the hospitality industries.  If you've ever seen a really cool lighted mirror at a luxury spa or hotel or an in-mirror TV at the hot-spot club or bar, chances are good you were experiencing EM's work.
Electric Mirror

Totem Acoustics - Welcome to The Family

Totem series
Today, Totem Acoustics joins our proud family of vendors and partners! 
In our quest to continually find and acquire the finest products and solutions best matched to our clients' wants and needs, we are proud to announce our selection and acceptance of Totem Acoustics - one of the finest brands of reproductive monitors and loudspeakers available.  With an over 25 year history, Totem at the hands of Vince Bruzzese has delivered legendary speakers like the Model-1 and Mani-2 and continues to set the stage and set themselves apart from the competition with some of the most accurate and most musical speakers we know of.
From soul-stirring musical impact to earth-shaking home theater, Totem has a series for you.

The tyranny of lowest price by Seth Godin

Seth Godin wrote a very succinct little piece about the effects of competing on price.  It begins by being advantageous - forcing one to be efficient and make smart choices.  But what happens when efficiencies are met?  What happens once the machine is lean and mean?  In short, nothing good really...

Just Add Power

JAP - Think network.  Not matrix

What is HDiP?

HDiP stands for High Definition over IP (Internet Protocol).  It's a collection of technologies that changes how HD video can be switched (i.e. matrixed) and transmitted.

These new technologies are changing the way installers can deliver large and/or multi-zone HDTV and video wall projects.  By harnessing the flexibility and scalability of ethernet networks, HDIP overcomes fixed port size (number) input/output constraints of legacy HDMI matrices to achieve a system of the right size with future expandability in-built.

When used in conjunction with a compatible managed ethernet switch, a flexible, any-combination HDMI matrix switching and distribution solution can be created.  Practically limitless (# of sources X # of displays) distribution combos can be created.  It's theoretically possible to achive a 4,000 source x 65,000 screens/displays matrix!
If you are looking for an HDMI distribution solution for your home or office, restaurant, sports bar or arena or concert venue, Just Add Power may be the right answer for you.

Give us a call.  We're happy to discuss your needs and budget and help you to find the right solution, whatever your project.

What is a NAS?


What is a NAS?  And why would I need one?

The word NAS is an acronym and stands for Network Attached Storage.  It's a fancy name that basically means a Hard Drive (the 'Storage') that can be 'Attached' to your home Network in such a way that it works stand-alone (by itself, regardless of your other computers being on or off.)  
NASs have many advantages but the primary ones are that NASs are smaller, lower power and more energy effiicient devices that are happy to run 24x7.
As such, they make it possible for you to access your storage anytime without leaving on your power hungry computer all the time.
This is good for the environment (less wasted energy and resources) and good for your pocket (that's wasted energy that *you* have to *pay for*.)  
It's also good for making it easy to share/access your stuff in a group.  This used to mean businesses or small offices, but these days the advantages are clear for homes and families, dorms and groups of friends too.